What is OACC to you?

A lot of people who will see this site, and read this post, will not know what OACC is about. OACC has been an annual gathering since 1979, and the ideas that have come from the weekend in the Ozarks have spurred many changes in the lives of the attendees; from motivation for changes in daily living practices, to the formation of various organizations. Recently, five individuals who have been to the OACC gathering multiple times where asked the question “What is OACC to you?”. It was a wonderful testimonial from each person, and I wrote down some key words that were spoken. Here are some words to describe OACC:

~Life style

What are some words that YOU would use to describe OACC? What experiences have you had, and what would you like to see in the future of OACC? Comment below and share your ideas.


  1. I’d like to see more sharing of our past history of the back to land movement here in the Ozarks, from members who attend OACC. Maybe some panels that focus on particular aspects of the back to land movement, like alternative healing, art, spiritualiy from people that we as a group identify as leaders in our community in these areas. Then we could record the panels as they happen, and have that history available for the future.

    • This is a great idea Sasha, I’m sure it would make us all realize too what a legacy of experience there is here. It’s an ongoing, living process too. Once not long after I arrived here, I put out the open question ‘What has been healing for you about the Ozarks’ and the responses were really heart-warming. I’m fascinated about finding the questions that draw out the mysteries.

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